Gerald Watelet

Gerald Watelet works mostly with traditional know-how and craftsmanship and contemporary design pieces, created by himself or associate designers feature prominently in his projects.

However, ancient and modern match perfectly. He enjoys putting together joyful collections of modern and antique elements and he boldly mixes different styles, epochs and cultures.
Homes cannot look like anonymous showrooms! They should be a reflex of those living therein.

Gerald Watelet works with a team of experienced designers and talented artisans. Along with his team he can undertake  a diversity of projects from a simple refurbishment to a full interior renovation or just get you those unique cushions and curtains that will make the difference in your home.

Always in the hunt for original and exceptional pieces and objects, he assembles in his boutique in Brussels or at his stand in the Serpette, St.Ouen, Paris, a tasty collection of quality items.

Gerald Watelet works in close association with several antique dealers and experts and provides antique expertise services.

Anything is possible if you are after originality and sophistication, classic and modern.

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