Flat in Brussels
Flat in Brussels

This apartment in a Louis XVI style building is composed of summer rooms facing south and winter rooms facing north. This specific layout required a special color palette to achieve the desired atmosphere.

Facing the garden south, the dominant hues are white and earthy tones and the materials are simple and raw: cotton, wood and cast iron. Vintage furniture, natural fibers and wood blinders are the perfect background for a collection of ethnic objects.
At the center, in the hall and stairway, different pieces are notes of color, carmine and China blue, warm and cool.

In the green room, some white spots give depth to the space. Green, black, caramel, blue, white and a few red notes. Red always gives a special electrifying note to the eye of the beholder. The rugs, the sofa and the large dining table have been designed by Gerald Watelet.

Photo credit: Giorgio Baroni

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